2023 / Film Direction / Project Seagrass Documentary 

Co-Directed alongside Federico Urdaneta for WaterBear x BeNode ~ ‘Likeminded’ series - watch here

“In a disruptive world of algorithms, misinformation and echo chambers, we are losing control of our networks, our stories and our voices.”

Waterbear and NGO, BeNode, paired up to explore stories of connections and networks in a five-part series; developed and co-directed by me, the series captures the stories of collectives, individuals and technology which is breaking the conventions and restrictions of connection, forging communities and networks their own way. 

In this episode we visit Project Seagrass HQ in South Wales and the seagrass meadows of Portugal to explore how citizen science and open-source data is aiding conservation. Seagrass meadows are seriously under threat both in the UK and globally, which comes with heavy consequences as the plant can absorb more carbon than rainforests and supports essential marine life. Watch here.