2023 / Photography / Gado-Gado Photoseries

Photography Series featured in i-D and Roots exhibition

Excerpt from i-D magazine - full article here

Can you talk us through your contribution to ROOTS?

For ROOTS, I decided to finally release a photo series from 2019, which I’d been holding close to my heart. It’s a visual diary called Gado-Gado capturing a trip around southeast Asia with one of my closest friends — we both had individual reasons for needing it, but ultimately it was a trip to heal. I had grown to feel lost and claustrophobic in my life and was finding it hard to connect to anything. I needed that space for clarity, to connect with my Asian roots, to focus and grow. The photo series documents the beautiful moments in nature which in turn made me rekindle my relationship with the world around me. The name, Gado-Gado, comes from an endearing nickname given to us by locals in Indonesia in reference to our mixed-race heritage as it is the name of a mixed vegetable dish. Each image was captured with the aim of centring nature and her magic; paying homage to the places that healed me and showing nature as the star.