2023 / Curation + Photography / Baesianz presents KIN

Exhibition Curation + Art Direction ~ Guts Gallery, London

In July 2023, Baesianz took over the project space in East London Gallery, Guts Gallery, curating an exhibition of nine photographers for the month long show, KIN. Shot across various locations around the world, this selection of works captures the multiplicities of kinship through the outlook of Asian heritage photographers of varying genders, identities, and lived experiences. As we walk by these images, precious moments and candid displays of intimacy greet us at every turn. Each photograph invites a radical revisioning and perspective largely unconsidered of Asian communities living within and outside the West. 

Artists;  Mohamad Abdouni, Hidhir Badaruddin, Kin Coedel, Hassan Kurbanbaev, Sami Kimberley, qíqí lù, Raajadharshini, Kamila Rustambekova and Kianuë Tran Kiêu 

Curated and produced by Sami Kimberley, Sarah Khan,  Jyni Ong and Seung Sing Sou. Design by Ivy Vo