2019+ / Creative Direction (& Co-Founder) / Baesianz Collective

Baesianz is a London-based collective and platform that celebrates Asian artists from all over the globe, founded by myself, Sarah Khan and Roxanne Farahmand in 2019.

Born from a shared need to nurture our Asian roots and uplift Asian communities, we highlight Asian artists through multidisciplinary events including exhibitions, film screenings, workshops, radio shows, artist residencies, and audio-visual performances. Now a team of seven, we curate and exhibit the art and voices of Asians living both within and outside of Asia to create an evolving archive that can be experienced by all. We host fundraisers that often combine art, food, music and performance to support Asian communities impacted by environmental and societal injustices.

Our collective now includes Baesianz FC and Baesianz Adventure Club, a football team and outdoors space for women, trans and non-binary people of Asian heritage. 

Featured in Bricks, Vogue, Gal-Dem, i-D, The Face, Season Zine